Customer Privacy at Payclide

At Payclide, it’s important to us that you to have choices and control in how we handle your personal data.
All our products are reviewed extensively by our privacy team before launch, so you can expect privacy by design.

Your privacy matters to us

Your Rights

If you want to exercise your rights over your personal data, contact us any time at

Our commitment to you

If you share data with us, we’ll be transparent about how we’re using it. We clearly and simply explain how we collect and use your personal data in our privacy notices

Your right to choose

We give you clear choices and simple tools to exercise your rights, If we collect data, we'll tell you why. Adjust your preferences in app anytime.

Keeping your data safe

We deploy industry standard and bank grade security, which is independently tested and audited to keep your personal data secure and protected. We will never sell your personal data.

Customer-focused innovation

When we collect and use your data, it’s always in the interest of delivering exceptional services and improving your experience.

Read full customer privacy policy here


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