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Fee - Free Overdraft.
with Payclide.

Payclide allows you to spend up to $100 more than your available balance using your card with no overdraft fees if eligible.
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Spend like a LOCAL abroad.

Use your Payclide card around the world. Hold, exchange, Transfer and Spend money in 5 currencies.
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Create a savings POD Save towards a goal Earn upto  12%
Annual interest paid daily.

See your money grow fast everyday when you save with our Coin safes. A smarter way to save, achieve your target goals in no time.
It's FREE . It GROWS . It's in your PALM
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Send Money instantly free across borders

The fastest and easiest way to send and receive money beyond borders across rural and urban towns of Africa.
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Safe and Secure

Security is our top priority

Your privacy and security is of the utmost importance. We have built Payclide to keep your information safe utilizing the best technology, including EMV chips on all our cards.

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A habit to live a better lifestyle.
It's FREE . It's Borderless . It's Instant
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